About Us

Typepix combines the experience and talents of these seasoned professionals and their extensive network of experts to bring top design, marketing and public relations expertise that deliver your message to your audience effectively through the use of the latest technology.

Partner Eric Scholz – Director of Interactive Services
Highly skilled and accomplished Web and Interactive Producer, Digital Manager. Eric has a Certificate in Front-End Developer with expertise in WordPress CMS, interactive web design, production and management, multi-media, website programming, e-commerce, hosting, and project development/implementation, linking design and development solutions to the business development goals of employers and clients in order to maximize brand awareness and market penetration.
Partner Antonio Mora– Creative Director
Creating design solutions that meet the needs of clients, their tight deadlines and their budget have always been Antonio’s driving force. For more than 20 years and for a wide variety of clients, Antonio has delivered top notch products that meet both their aesthetic sensibilities and their marketing needs. He has created websites, designed and conceptualized media projects for print, web, events and television, designed and created the layout of catalogs and promotional material. Antonio’s clients include the United Nations, where he created websites and web tools for 17 Peacekeeping Missions worldwide, the Journal News, Consumer Reports, the New York Times, and Sunburst Digital Media.